The Bob’s Burgers Movie has a post-credits surprise for Tina fans

Yes, there’s a Bob’s Burgers post-credits scene to stay behind for. Unlike those found in superhero movies, however, it’s not setting up a sequel, nor is it essential to the viewing experience. Still, it’s a nice little gift for Tina fans and those who want one last helping of Bob’s Burgers on the big screen before the lights come up. Read on for details on what happens in the Bob’s Burgers post-credits scene, as well as how many are tucked away at the end.

Bob’s Burgers Movie post-credits scene

The Bob's Burgers Movie

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There is just the one Bob’s Burgers Movie post-credits scene – but it comes a little later than the usual Marvel fare. You have to sit through the entire credits until you’re met with the shortest of post-credits scenes.

In it, we’re pulled back into Tina’s fantasy daydreams on a sunset-backed beach. This time, Tina is riding on her horse, Jericho, with Jimmy Jr. (sans jeans, naturally) and the clutch of “sexy zombies” she rode past earlier in the movie. All in, the sequence lasts about ten seconds – and then you can leave.

Despite there being no sequel setups here, Bob’s Burger creator Loren Bouchard was open to the idea during our recent interview.

“Even halfway through, we talked about how we want to do another one,” Bouchard said. “We started joking about what we would do differently for the next one or start talking about ‘the next one’ as a fun wink to each other, which meant ‘I’m having fun, are you?'”

Despite that, Bouchard was keen to point out it’s no sure thing – and the right idea is crucial: “At the same time, you don’t want to just crap one out. The story would absolutely have to be deserving. You don’t want to do one of those until you’re really, really ready – both in terms of what you’re going to talk about and how it’s going to differentiate itself from the show.”

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is out now in cinemas, and we spoke to the cast about bringing a more “nuanced” side of their characters to cinemas. For more animated adventures, check out our rankings of the best South Park episodes and best Rick and Morty episodes.

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