Borderlands 3 will soon get “full cross-play” that includes PlayStation players

Gearbox has confirmed that “full cross-play” is coming to Borderlands 3 “later this spring”.

While the update stopped short of confirming a specific launch date, it’ll be welcomed news for Borderlands fans on PlayStation consoles who’ve been unable to link up with their friends on PC and other consoles since cross-play was introduced almost a year ago.

Cross-play with PlayStation consoles was mysteriously pulled last May just before cross-play had been enabled for other platforms, including PC, Xbox consoles, and Stadia. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford announced the change via a tweet saying that there was good news and bad news; the former was that Borderlands 3 had been preparing an update that would enable cross-play on all platforms, the latter was that – for certification purposes – “the publisher” had required Gearbox to remove cross-play support for PlayStation consoles (opens in new tab).

ICYMI, #Borderlands 3 is getting full crossplay across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Stadia, and PC later this Spring! Keep an eye out for the exact date soon. 22, 2022

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No further explanation was given, and just as unexpectedly as it was pulled, Gearbox confirmed last month that PS cross-play would be back at some point later this year, although a specific date or window wasn’t given at the time.

Now it seems it’s coming sooner rather than later, as the official Borderlands Twitter account announced over the weekend that the updated feature will go live in “spring” (Q2) – which should mean, all going well, we’ll get the update in the next few weeks.

“This is a game that knows exactly what it is and who it’s for, smartly building on what came before without ever compromising the series’ core identity,” we said in our Borderlands 3 review (opens in new tab).

“I wish Borderlands 3’s villains had been as entertaining and well crafted as the rest of the game, but putting up with their vexing influencer imitations is a small price to pay for enjoying Gearbox’s heady cocktail of perfectly organized chaos.”

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