Call of Duty: Warzone FOV slider isnt available on consoles

Call of Duty: Warzone console players are upset at the lack of a field-of-view slider in the new Pacific-themed Caldera map.

While the newly-released Call of Duty: Vanguard has a default FOV of 80 degrees, the slider that players can find in the game’s settings can increase that all the way to 120. A wider field-of-view means you can see more of the battlefield in front of you at once, although it’ll also make things look smaller, so there’s something of a balance to strike, thought to be somewhere around the 100 degrees mark.

120 degrees is roughly akin to traditional binocular vision – what your own eyes might see if you were experiencing the events of a game in real life, but while Vanguard multiplayer lets you experience that, Warzone doesn’t. Yesterday, CharlieIntel confirmed that there was no FOV slider available on consoles, and on the battle royale’s subreddit, one player suggested that the forced perspective shift from 120 to 80 degrees between modes is “nauseating.”

Other console players are concerned that the lack of a slider on console offers PC players an unfair advantage. While those on PlayStation and Xbox are limited to 80 degrees, those on PC can scale all the way up to 120. That means that PC players can see more of the game while not feeling the effect of the ‘zoomed out’ visuals as keenly thanks to the finer controls of a keyboard and mouse.

There’s no word from Activision as to whether there are plans for a slider in future, but for now some PlayStation players are taking action, turning off crossplay to ensure they only match against those using the same visual settings as them. Unfortunately for those on Xbox Series X (opens in new tab) and Xbox One, they won’t be able to turn off PC crossplay as they’re part of the same Microsoft ecosystem.

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