Why you should play Final Fantasy 14 in 2022

The trouble with Final Fantasy 14 is where to begin. You could start with A Realm Reborn, the base game overhaul which launched over a decade ago, or by diving into the climactic Endwalker expansion which arrived just last month. So vast is Final Fantasy 14 that every area of …

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The best Switch demos you can play right now

The best Switch demos available now can give you hours of free – and mobile – entertainment to help you decide on your next purchase. In some cases, a single game demo can offer up to 10 hours of gameplay, which is the length of some full-priced games! Better yet, …

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The 25 best Spider-Man moments from the movies

Tom Holland’s Spider-Man may be a young man, but the web-slinger’s cinematic history is long and storied. In fact, there are few characters who have been played by so many actors, and with Spider-Man: No Way Home now in cinemas, there’s plenty of reason to revisit the wall-crawler’s history. Below, …

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