Cobra Kai season 5 is coming to Netflix in September – and here’s the first trailer

Netflix has announced a surprisingly early release date for Cobra Kai season 5. Instead of its usual holidays slot around New Year, the next instalment of the Karate Kid spin-off series is hitting the streamer on September 9.

There’s also a new trailer, which deals with the fallout of the 51st All Valley Karate Championship – a tournament that saw Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang close in contentious circumstances after a controversial win for Tory and Cobra Kai in the finals.

The teaser reveals that Terry Silver’s plans to franchise the dojo are slowly coming to fruition. With an entire valley’s worth of students at Cobra Kai’s disposal, the OG Karate Kid – Daniel LaRusso – has turned to his one-time rival Chozen for help in taking the fight back to Silver.

Cobra Kai season 5 isn’t just dealing with karate shenanigans in Los Angeles, however. Johnny is seen heading down south with his son, Robby, to find Miguel – who ran away from home to find his father at the tail-end of the fourth season.

Cobra Kai co-creator Hayden Schlossberg recently previewed the scale of season five in an interview with GamesRadar+.

“We really do still have some of our biggest fireworks and biggest cannons left. So we know that we have some big, epic things up our sleeve,” Schlossberg teased. “But it does become like, ‘Okay, how do you top that each season?’ As long as it comes from the place of character, fans will get into it and what we don’t want to do is [where] it just becomes more spectacle than substance. And so that’s the overriding goal.”

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