Cuphead The Delicious Last Course trailer shows off icy new boss

Studio MDHR has given us a glimpse at one of Cuphead’s new bosses from the upcoming The Delicious Last Course DLC in a new trailer at Summer Game Fest. 

The footage kicks off with Ms. Chalice duelling with a fridge in an icy arena as onlookers cheer as the pair knock lumps out of each other. The fight is very much Cuphead as you know it – Ms. Chalice has to balance dodging projectiles with slinging damage toward the boss using her finger gun. 

Things take a turn, though, when the boss ascends atop the arena. The boss makes the journey from transforming into a snowflake from a fridge while you have to add some light platforming to the growing things you have to contend with in this fight. The footage cuts off there, though we assume things will only get tougher once The Delicious Last Course comes out. 

Speaking of, Cuphead’s next DLC is due to release on June 30. So the story goes, Brothers Cuphead and Mugman are joined by Ms. Chalice for a new adventure on the undiscovered Inkwell Isle. You’re getting new weapons, magical charms, and unique abilities Ms. Chalice. It’ll also be Cuphead’s “final challenging quest” (opens in new tab), so look forward to that. 

Check out our E3 2022 schedule to see everything else that’s coming your way. 

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