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Cyber Monday AirPods deals are officially over, but you can still save some cash on Apple’s premium earbuds. While prices in general have risen a little since the holiday sales closed their doors, there are still some considerable savings up for grabs. We’d recommend heading to checkout soon, though, because we don’t know how long these offers can hold out. 

This year’s discounts were particularly impressive because it’s rare that new releases like the MagSafe charging AirPods Pro and the new AirPods 3 see significant discounts so close to launch. We saw some particularly stunning offers across the board here, with the second generation buds dropping down to $99.99 (still $10 away from Black Friday’s $89.99 record low, but an excellent saving nonetheless) and the new AirPods Pro hitting $159. 

The AirPods 3 were the stars of the show, though. The latest release dropped down to an excellent $149.99 sales price (courtesy of Amazon’s extra $20 off at checkout) – that’s particularly rare considering these buds were only released in October. 

You’ll find all the Cyber Monday AirPods deals still live just below, as well as a peek at all the sales offered by your favorite retailers this year. 

The best Cyber Monday AirPods deals available now


Cyber Monday AirPods deals in the US

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Apple AirPods Pro with Wireless Charging Case $249.00 $209.00 at B&H Photo (opens in new tab) save $40.00 – With Airpods selling out everywhere fast, jump on this $40 saving before it’s too late. 

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Apple AirPods 3 | $179 $169.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $30 – We were seeing an additional $20 off at checkout on the new AirPods 3, but that offer has just been switched out. Still, you’re saving $10 on the latest buds here, which is still worth checking out.

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Apple AirPods Max $549.00 $429.00 at Crutchfield (opens in new tab)save $120.00 – That’s one of the best savings we’ve seen on Airpods Max so don’t expect it to last long.

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AirPods second generation (2019) | $159 $109.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $60 – The second generation AirPods were jumping between this $109 position and a $99 sales price yesterday, though we do seem to be stuck at the higher figure now that the sales are over.

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Cyber Monday AirPods deals in the UK

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AirPods second generation (2019) | £119 £99 at Amazon (opens in new tab) Save £20 – You can grab a sub-£100 price on the previous second-generation AirPods at Amazon right now. That’s an excellent price and well worth it if you’re after a pair of the classic buds but don’t want to break the bank on one of the latest models.

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Apple AirPods Pro | £239 £185 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save £40 – Amazon dropped this record low price on the AirPods Pro at the end of the week, and we’re still seeing it available in today’s Cyber Monday AirPods deals. That beats the previous £189 price by an additional £4.

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AirPods Max | £549 £439 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save £110 – Amazon has a £439 price on the luxurious AirPods Max in its latest round of offers. That’s a full £110 off the RRP – an excellent discount for anyone looking to save on these particularly pricey cups.

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Cyber Monday AirPods deals: what we expect to see

AirPods deals

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The second-generation AirPods are still around for Cyber Monday AirPods deals. The new AirPods 3s come perilously close to the MSRP of the 2019 model, but so far we are seeing the two sets sitting side by side on the shelves. That’s good news for those after some record low prices on the older true wireless earbuds, with costs plummeting. We would recommend keeping a close eye on this one, though, because stock may start to thin out. 

Cyber Monday AirPods 3 deals: what to expect

Cyber Monday AirPods deals

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The AirPods 3 are here, a new set of true wireless earbuds with a shorter design and plenty of tech upgrades under the hood. With the buds launching so close to Cyber Monday AirPods deals, the deals are few and far between. 

You need to be in the mix to grab any Cyber Monday AirPods deals to secure a pair of buds this year. The first discounts were across Black Friday, and competition was as fierce as expected. As a result, stock is struggling to recover, though we’re keeping you informed up above.

Cyber Monday AirPods Pro deals: what to expect

Apple AirPods Pro

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This year’s Cyber Monday AirPods deals on the Pro model come with the caveat of there being multiple versions, the latest being the new MagSafe version. The previous model doesn’t quite fit into Apple’s lineup now, with a previous $169 – $189 sales price that interfered with the AirPods 3s, and a $249 MSRP to match the new model. These have been heavily discounted, but stock is running very, very low.

Cyber Monday AirPods Max deals: what to expect

AirPods Max

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The AirPods Max represent Apple’s most premium headphones. Originally launching in December at $549, we’ve seen the luxury cups readily available at $499 throughout the year and, more recently, hitting $430 price lows. Usually you’ll find these cups on sale for $489, which means we’ll be looking for a price between $400 and $450 over the weekend. 

Apple may want to keep this price for Black Friday, though. That means stock allocated for Cyber Monday AirPods deals might have run out by the time the weekend (or the Friday itself) is over. We would still expect to see a price lower than the usual $489 – $499 in this instance, but perhaps not at the rock bottom position that we might see on the Friday.

How to find the best Cyber Monday AirPods deals

1. Don’t wait for Monday

It’s important to note that Cyber Monday AirPods deals might not officially kick off on Monday November 29 as expected. We usually see discounts continuing straight through from the Friday, which means you’ll have the whole weekend to find more discounts. Our first tip for finding the best Cyber Monday AirPods deals, then, is don’t wait for Monday if you miss out on the main Black Friday sale.

2. If you’re after AirPods Max, keep an eye out for future discounts

We do see a handful of extra price drops on certain items during Cyber Monday. However, AirPods are some of the biggest offers during this sales period. The only area where we may see additional discounts is on the AirPods Max. With multiple different colorways, we could see some versions cheaper than others, with extra price drops coming late in the sale. If you’re after AirPods Max, it’s worth jumping on any record low prices you see, but keeping your items boxed up until the full period is over. 

3. Price check

Once you’ve found the perfect Cyber Monday AirPods deal for you, it’s worth making sure that you really getting the best price possible. Check your discount against other retailers to make sure nobody is offering a lower price, but also take a look at the additional extras that some stores may be offering. When a retailer can’t beat its competition on price it will often throw in additional subscriptions or accessories for free, which can make it a much better deal overall. 

Today’s best deals

If you can’t wait until November, and if the AirPods 3 release then we wouldn’t recommend doing so, you’ll find all the latest AirPods deals just below.

We’re rounding up plenty more Cyber Monday deals: take a look at the best Cyber Monday iPad deals and best Cyber Monday gaming headset deals available this year. 

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