Dark Souls lore book looks like a collectors dream

Dark Souls is getting one hell of a fancy lore compendium next year.

Earlier this week, Tune and Fairweather (opens in new tab) listed the Abyssal Archive for release early next year in 2023. The package boasts two complete volumes compiling all the in-game lore from the original Dark Souls, painting one cohesive picture of the entire in-game world and its stories, and you can see the entire collection just below in all its glory.

Abyssal Archive

(Image credit: Tune and Fairweather)

The publisher’s listing boasts the new collection is the “most comprehensive analysis of the game’s mythos ever undertaken.” It’s all in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the original Dark Souls, and the dedicated following FromSoftware’s modern classic has accrued ever since launch.

Oh, and you’ll get this fantastic map seen just below with any edition of the Abyssal Archive. Drawn by artist Judson Cowan, the full map of Lordran paints a complete picture of Dark Souls’ intricate in-game world, although it probably won’t help you navigate the actual in-game world should you get a little lost.

Abyssal Archive

(Image credit: Tune and Fairweather)

Now for the bad news: this won’t come cheap. Just the standard version of the Abyssal Archive retails for roughly $180 when translated from the original Euro cost, but publisher Tune and Fairweather has actually confirmed with GamesRadar+ that they will be shipping the product overseas to U.S. customers. 

As for the other versions, there’s the Limited Edition which costs roughly $250 and contains a special presentation box with a bookmark, and there’s also a $500 Benefactor Edition, which actually gets your name into the ‘Acknowledgements’ section of the Abyssal Archive.

FromSoftware just revealed last month in June that it was working on “multiple new projects” in the wake of Elden Ring

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