Dark Souls tabletop RPG players say the rulebook is a hot mess

The 500-page rulebook for Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game is full of problems big and small, according to a bunch of people who have had the chance to check it out ahead of release.

As Dicebreaker (opens in new tab) first reported (thanks, Polygon (opens in new tab)), Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game players are sharing a broad range of issues with the tabletop RPG’s rulebook over on Reddit. User Santuric explained that they’re in touch with publisher Steamforged Games, which apparently asked for a comprehensive list of problems so that they can fix them in the digital version of the rulebook. Naturally, Reddit obliged.

You can read the whole thread here (opens in new tab) for the current working list of complaints, but issues range from little stuff like typos – proficiencies is apparently spelled “profeciencies,” radiant is “radient,” and so on – to potentially more obstructive problems. For example, the Knight class apparently isn’t able to start the game with enough strength points to equip its starting armor. Similarly, the Caster starting stats  reportedly don’t meet the requirements for a weapon recommended for that class.

Steamforged, for its part, says it’s taking the feedback seriously but asserts that the problems being reported shouldn’t affect playability.

“At Steamforged, our primary goal is always to create compelling tabletop experiences that capture the hearts and imaginations of our fans, immersing them in vivid worlds they can get lost in time and time again,” Steamforged Games said in a statement. “While we feel we’ve achieved that with Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game in light of the overwhelming positive reviews, we acknowledge the concerns some have raised and take all feedback seriously.

Although these concerns shouldn’t affect the playability of the game, we’re always striving to strengthen our processes to ensure our loyal fans continue to enjoy the games we release.”

The rulebook players are discussing was included with collector’s edition pre-orders, which went out to UK and European early adopters last month. It’ll launch in the States May 16, but it’s unclear as of now whether future copies will be free of the problems being reported right now.

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