Darkest Dungeon 2 Jester Chapter 2 puzzle explained

The Darkest Dungeon 2 Jester Chapter 2 puzzle, Music of the Night, is a bizarre musical sequence where the young Jester has to musically duel the Violinist character by picking the right song beats in reaction to that character. It’s a peculiar moment in the game that’s actually derived from a basic understanding of how traditional song structure works, so if you’ve got a tin ear for music then you might understandably struggle with this more esoteric puzzle. Don’t worry, we’ll lay out how to beat Chapter 2 of the Jester’s Shrine of Reflection backstory here.

What to do in the Darkest Dungeon 2 Jester Chapter 2

Darkest Dungeon 2 jester chapter 2

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Once Music of the Night starts, you play as the younger Jester trying to outplay the macabre Violinist in a battle of the bands, though this being Darkest Dungeon, the whole thing is done via turn-based combat. However, the basis here is on responding appropriately to what he does. Both of you are taking it in turns to play the next section of an ongoing song, so you have to choose the appropriate beats. As far as we know, the Violinist has a set pattern that he does every time, so you can use our guide below to do the exact behaviour needed to bring him down with the power of music.

  1. Violinist plays: Intro
  2. Player response: Verse
  3. Violinist plays: Chorus
  4. Player response: Verse
  5. Violinist plays: Chorus
  6. Player response: Bridge
  7. Violinist plays: Missteps
  8. Player response: Solo (this will do 30 damage to the Violinist)
  9. Violinist plays: Verse
  10. Player response: Chorus
  11. Violinist plays: Verse
  12. Player response: Chorus
  13. Violinist plays: Solo
  14. Player response: Finale (this should be a Deathblow to the Violinist)

This finale epic shred complete, the Violinist will… er, crumble into dust somehow, and the Jester will be declared the victor, marking the end of this chapter. As a reward, you’ll get a Mastery Point, as well as permanently unlocking the Harvest skill, a weaker attack that hits both enemies in the middle rank and bleeds them, making it good for inflicting status effects. It’s a good prize, especially if you’re following our Darkest Dungeon 2 best team guide, of which the Jester is an integral part.

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