Dead by Daylight is teaming up with Resident Evil and Attack on Titan this year

Dead by Daylight has unveiled its Chapter 7 contents, and teased future collaborations with the likes of Resident Evil and Attack on Titan. 

Yesterday on May 17, Behaviour Interactive rolled out the trailer just below, showcasing the Roots of Dread update for Dead by Daylight. If you’ve not been keeping track, this is the Chapter 7 update for the ongoing horror multiplayer game, and debuts an original killer called The Dredge, which looks like a suitably terrible mass of organs.

On the other side of the battlefield, Canadian-Indian Haddie Kaur steps up as the new survivor character for the Chapter 7 update. Rounding out Chapter 7 (for now) is a new map called the Gardens of Joy, which at first looks like your ideal American midwestern home, but it sure to be something wholly more horrific.

Chapter 7 for Dead by Daylight kicks off early next month on June 7 for all platforms. Although this is just the beginning of the update, you can rest assured that Behaviour Interactive will be adding new elements to the game throughout the ongoing season, including collaborations.

Speaking of, the developer also announced “Project W” for the game. Arriving at some point later this year, Project W will see the second Resident Evil collaboration event, after Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, and Nemesis joined the game previously. Additionally, Attack on Titan will be gracing Dead by Daylight in the form of 10 new outfits for survivors and killers alike, including Eren, Hange, and the Armored Titan.

Finally in terms of new content, the Dead by Daylight devs are actually working on a visual novel to supplement the game. Unlike the game though, this is actually a romantic dating sim, where players can endlessly flirt and interact with the Huntress, Spirit, Trapper, and Wraith from the main game. No release date has been set right now for the visual novel, which is called Hooked on You.

Dead by Daylight: The Board Game went live on Kickstarter earlier this year in March.

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