Destiny 2 disables some grenade launchers after accidentally buffing them to the moon

Some Destiny 2 heavy grenade launchers are currently disabled following reports that they were bugged and doling out impossibly high damage.

Destiny 2 Season of Plunder just kicked off, so it makes sense that some bugs would pop up. As of writing, it seems that a select 150 RPM and 120 RPM heavy grenade launchers are disabled, while others are still available for use. For instance, Anarchy and Canis Major are currently unable to be equipped, while breach-load GLs like Forbearance and some heavy 150 RPM GLs like Outrageous Fortune can still be used.

YouTuber Aztecross posted a video earlier today (opens in new tab) of a grenade launcher damage test that shows some heavy launchers doling out +150% more damage than usual. Two shots of the Anarchy grenade launcher did more than 242,000 damage, which is definitely not normal. Aztecross proceeds to go through all the other heavy grenade launchers to see how bugged the damage is. 

A prescient commenter wrote, “this video’s gonna be outdated very fast because they’ll patch this quickly but at least it’s enjoyable to watch big numbers.” Sure enough, Destiny 2 streamer Parisito tweeted (opens in new tab) at around 3:30 pm EST that “all heavy 150 RPM GLs seem to be disabled.” Parisito quickly clarified after other players responded that some were still available, writing (opens in new tab) “not *all* are disabled, but many are. Also seems to be a couple 120’s that are disabled but not many.” It may be that Bungie found the source of the damage stacking bug and went to disable only the weapons affected by it. 

For now, if you were hoping to take advantage of the bug to help you get through a particularly difficult raid, that ship has sailed. We’ll update this story accordingly. 

Bungie promises “no more expansion sunsetting” for Destiny 2.

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