Destiny 2 players want Ketchcrash to be a permanent strike

Destiny 2 players love a certain Season of Plunder activity so much they’re begging Bungie to make it permanent.

Ketchcrash is a six-player Offensive activity where players board a rival crew’s Ketch, complete a series of objectives to progress through a set of rooms, and ultimately fight the captain of the enemy Ketch. Felling the enemy captain gets you a loot chest that has some shiny new Season of Plunder gear, and get the coveted Map Fragments you need to craft Treasure Maps. 

This all sounds great, but what’s really capturing Destiny 2 players’ hearts is how fun Ketchcrash is to play. “Ketchcrash is ****ing awesome,” is a top-performing Reddit post on the Destiny subreddit (opens in new tab), with its author writing “I love everything about this activity” and “I’ll be so sad when [it] eventually leaves.” One Redditor has a solution to this potential problem, however, writing (opens in new tab) “I believe it can be turned into a three-player strike” and begging Bungie to add it to the Vanguard playlist when Destiny 2 Lightfall launches next year. 

So ask me again in a month when I’ve played all these activities dozens of times but: I think Ketchcrash is the most fun I’ve had in a seasonal activity since I started playing Destiny.August 26, 2022

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The love for this new activity is certainly warranted – I’ve played it, and it’s a blast from start to finish even after several playthroughs. Ketchcrash begins with a cool cutscene that shows your Sparrow soaring between pirate spaceships before you and several Guardians transmat onto the upper deck of Spider’s Ketch. As soon as you take over control of your Guardian and run out into the fray, a series of explosions set off around you and a ton of enemy pirates drop onto the deck. When you clear the deck of pirates, you then have to stand on several points of the map to align the cannon accelerators so that you can launch yourself into an enemy ship.

It’s here where the attention to detail is quite astonishing. A Reddit user points out (opens in new tab) that the sound players here just before boarding enemy ships is a Boatswain’s call, a sound that “precedes announcements over loudspeakers, before and after ceremonies, and was used in days past as a way to pass along commands when the sounds of the sea overshadowed one’s voice.” The next time you play Ketchcrash, listen for it – it’s a high-pitched, three-note whistle.

Will Bungie add Ketchcrash as a permanent strike option, or will the beloved new activity walk the plank when Season of Plunder ends December 6 of this year?

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