Destiny 2 Season 15 weapons, armor, and Exotics – new Exotics, infinite primary ammo, stasis Legendary weapons

If you need to find out which Destiny 2 Exotics, weapons, and armor got added, nerfed, or buffed in Season 15, we’ve got you covered. The Season of the Lost update has brought out some great additions in terms of weapons, like the new Destiny 2 Agers Scepter Exotic Stasis Trace Rifle, and some returning classic Destiny 1 Exotic armor pieces. Plenty of new mods for Stasis armor and weapons have also been added, along with lots of sandbox changes, including Exotic armor updates, a rework for Fusion Rifles, and infinite ammo for primary weapons. Make sure you’re up to date on everything we know about the changes to Destiny 2 Exotics, weapons, and armor in Season of the Lost.

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New Destiny 2 Exotic weapons and armor for Season of the Lost

Destiny 2 season of the lost exotic stasis trace rifle agers scepter exotic quest

(Image credit: Bungie)

This season’s Exotic quest, which started with Destiny 2 Tracing the Stars, has finally culminated in the last quest chain, allowing players to get the Destiny 2 Ager’s Scepter Exotic Stasis Trace Rifle. You’ll need to complete all three Tracing the Stars quests and then the Destiny 2 A Hollow Coronation Exotic quest to acquire Ager’s Scepter, but it’s well worth it. Its ice-cold laser beam causes defeated enemies to release a slowing pulse that can eventually freeze enemies if they are hit by enough of them. Ager’s Scepter also pairs really well with all the Stasis Subclasses, so you should definitely try making a perfect Stasis build with some of the upcoming armor mods.

Of course, there’s also a free new Exotic weapon from the Season of the Lost Season Pass. This time, all Destiny 2 players can get the Lorentz Driver Linear Fusion Rifle. Players that pay for the Season 15 Season Pass will unlock this weapon immediately, but all players can get it for free at level 35.

This Exotic weapon has an automated targeting system that randomly marks a nearby enemy, even when it is holstered. Defeating this marked enemy causes them to drop a small banner called a telemetry pattern, and each one you collect gives you ability energy. Collecting three of these patterns will give Lorentz Driver extra damage for 30 seconds. To top it off, getting a precision kill with this weapon creates a small singularity that sucks in enemies and then explodes shortly after. You can get the catalyst for it by completing a quest from Banshee to make Lorentz Driver even better.

As for Exotic armor, each of the three classes has received one piece of classic Destiny 1 Exotic Armor, and as usual, they are only obtainable from solo runs of Legend or Master Lost Sectors:

  • Warlocks, Nothing Manacles gauntlets: Improve Scatter Grenades and give you an extra one.
  • Titans, No Backup Plans gauntlets: Shotgun kills consume your Melee Ability energy when full to activate Defensive Strike which grants you and nearby allies an overshield.
  • Hunters, Radiant Dance Machines boots:  Dodging near enemies allow you to dodge additional times for a brief period.

New Destiny 2 Stasis weapons and Legendary weapons for Season of the Lost

Season 15 reprised Trials of the Nine weapons in Prophecy

(Image credit: Bungie)

One of the biggest features of Season of the Lost is the addition of Stasis weapons to Destiny 2. Despite being energy weapons, Bungie decided to put these into your kinetic slot to avoid crowding the energy slot with too many elemental damage types. There are only four unique Stasis Legendaries to pursue currently, but undoubtedly more will launch with The Witch Queen expansion and Season 16. The Season of the Lost Legendary Stasis weapons are:

  • Vulpecula Hand Cannon from Season of the Lost activities.
  • Fractethyst Shotgun from Season of the Lost activities.
  • Peacebond Sidearm from Iron Banner.
  • Reed’s Regret Linear Fusion Rifle from Trials of Osirs and its Adept variant from going flawless.

Bungie has added plenty of new Legendary weapons for you to chase down in Season 15 too. You can get the new playlist activity ritual weapon, the Ascendancy Rocket Launcher which has the Explosive Light perk that increases the blast radius and damage of its next projectile after you have picked up an Orb of Power. Other weapons you can get from playlist activities are:

  • Servant Leader Scout Rifle from Gambit match completions.
  • Sorrow’s Verse Auto Rifle from Crucible match completions.
  • Punching Out Sidearm from Vanguard Strike completions.
  • Forge’s Pledge Pulse Rifle from Iron Banner bounties, the seasonal quest, reputation rank rewards, or match completions.
  • Peacebond Sidearm from Iron Banner bounties, the seasonal quest, reputation rank rewards, or match completions.

You can also get six new Season of the Lost weapons from seasonal activities, such as Astral Alignment, including those two previously mentioned Stasis Legendaries. The Prophecy Dungeon has also had its loot tables updated with the old Trials of the Nine weapons from 2017! Six are available, all of which with random rolls, and one will drop from specific encounters within Prophecy. Finally, the world loot pool has got six more Destiny 2 classics, including the Scathelocke Auto Rifle and Annual Skate Hand Cannon.

Destiny 2 Season 15 weapon balance changes

Legendary Fusion Rifle

(Image credit: Bungie)

A heap of weapon changes has come to Destiny 2 with Season 15. Some are focused on specific weapon archetypes while others are more general, affecting huge groups of weapons in Destiny 2 Season of the Lost:

  • Infinite primary ammo: All weapons that use primary ammo now have infinite ammo, and primary ammo bricks no longer exist.
  • The quickswap weapon-switching glitch has been fixed: This glitch was a commonly used strategy for maximizing damage in high level activities, such as Raids, by exploiting the Destiny 2 animation system.
  • Trials of Osiris weapons in Season of the Lost: Now have seven perks in each column instead of five.
  • Recently reprised Moon and Dreaming City weapons: Now have extra perks in each column. When these weapons were reintroduced over Season of the Hunt and Season of the Splicer, they had most of their perks swapped out for different ones. Now, Bungie has readded some of the original perks to the perk pools for these weapons. Moon weapons got one or two of their original perks added to each column, while Dreaming City weapons got only one of their original perks added to one or both columns.
  • Breech Grenade Launchers have been adjusted for PvP: They’ve had their maximum and minimum blast radii and splash damage reduced but got a 12% PvE damage buff to compensate.
  • Machine Guns: 20% damage buff in PvE activities.
  • Scout Rifles and Hand Cannons: 15% damage buff against minor enemies in PvE activities.
  • All Fusion Rifles now have a 15% damage bonus in PvE activities. High Impact Frame Fusion Rifles have a longer base charging time of one second and only fire five bolts per burst instead of seven. Precision and Adaptive Frame Fusion Rifles now deal slightly more damage per burst. Rapid Fire Frame Fusion Rifles have a shorter base charging time of 0.46 seconds, have nine bolts per burst instead of seven, and deal slightly more damage per burst. A lot of the Fusion Rifle-specific perks have also been adjusted with new functionality. All these changes extend to Exotic Fusion Rifles too.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost Exotic buffs and nerfs

Warlock holding Exotic Grenade Launcher Anarchy

(Image credit: Bungie)

Plenty of Exotic weapons in Destiny 2 have overperformed for several seasons and have been brought down a peg or two in Season 15. Others have got some minor reworks to ensure they work correctly with the new weapon changes:

  • Anarchy: Total ammo and reserve capacity has been reduced from 26 to 16 and it deals 30% less damage to bosses.
  • Xenophage: Received a slightly smaller version of the Machine Gun PvE damage buff and has had its rate of fire lowered to 90RPM from 120RPM.
  • Fighting Lion: On top of the Breech Grenade Launcher changes and infinite primary ammo, Fighting Lion has had its base reload reduced to zero, but it can be sped up by damaging multiple enemies with a single grenade.
  • Vex Mythoclast: The Vault of Glass Exotic has had a huge buff in Season of the Lost. It now deals more damage in PvE and has higher range, stability, and rate of fire. The Linear Fusion Rifle alternate fire mode now charges significantly faster, and stacks of its Overcharge perk are only lost when the weapon is stowed when in its alternate mode. Lastly, the catalyst now grants stability and more damage after a kill, instead of more stability from stacks of Overcharge.
  • Merciless: The damage penalty for increasing Merciless’ charge rate has been reduced by 40%.
  • Jötunn: Slightly reduced damage per shot but gave it a (very) slightly faster charge rate.
  • Bastion: Reduced damage by 15% and increased cone angle by 10%, but increased PvE damage by effectively 10%.
  • Sweet Business: Because primary ammo bricks no longer exist in Season of the Lost, Sweet Business now refills its magazine on picking up special or heavy ammo.

Some Exotic armor pieces have also received some changes in Destiny 2 Season 15, with less popular ones getting tweaks to make them a little more interesting:

Destiny 2 Season 15 Exotic Hunter armor:

  • Bombardiers: The explosive has a secondary effect based on your Hunter’s Subclass element. Void will suppress, Arc will blind, Solar will burn, and Stasis will slow.
  • Graviton Forfeit: Bonus invisibility duration has been increased, and Recovery and weapon reload speed is increased while invisible. The increased melee regeneration speed is linked to the number of nearby enemies when invisible.
  • Lucky Pants: Now has an intrinsic Hand Cannon Holster mod and drawing a fully loaded Hand Cannon that deals kinetic damage or the same elemental damage as your current Subclass benefits from increasing damage with each successful shot for a short time.
  • Shards of Galanor: Each Blade Barrage hit grants more Super energy, but total Super regain is capped at 50%.

Destiny 2 Season 15 Exotic Titan armor:

  • Precious Scars: Creates a burst of healing and bonus Recovery whenever you kill an enemy with a weapon that deals elemental damage that matches your current Subclass.
  • Icefall Mantle: Removed the slower class ability regeneration scalar.
  • Ursa Furiosa: The amount of Super energy regained once your Sentinel Shield ends is capped at 50%.

Destiny 2 Season 15 Exotic Warlock armor:

  • Verity’s Brow: Bonus grenade damage now activates on weapon kills with an elemental damage that matches your current Subclass, instead of any energy weapon kill. Increased grenade damage from each stack of Death Throes is now 20% instead of 10%
  • The Stag: Allied Guardians standing in your Rifts receive 25% less damage in PvE and 15% less in PvP.
  • Promethium Spur: While inside a Rift, Solar weapon kills will grant class ability energy. Also, when your class ability energy is full, Solar weapons will consume that energy and spawn a combination of healing and empowering Rifts where the enemy died.
  • Skull of Dire Ahamkara: Each Nova Bomb kill will grant more Super energy, but total Super regained is capped at 50%.
  • Phoenix Protocol: The amount of Super energy regained once your Well of Radiance ends is capped at 50%.
  • Stormdancer’s Brace: Refunds up to 50% of your Super energy once Stormtrance ends.
  • Geomag Stabilizers: No longer have the ‘topping off Chaos Reach by sprinting’ feature.

Destiny 2 Season of the Lost weapon perk changes

As a result of all the changes listed above, some of the existing weapon perks have been made worse or outright useless in Season 15, so they’re getting their functions readjusted:

  • Drop Mag: Now increases reload speed at the cost of a smaller magazine
  • Compact Arrow shaft: This bow perk grants increased reload and handling speeds
  • Firing Line: Precision damage bonus when near allies will be reduced to 20%.
  • Kill Clip, Rampage, and Adrenaline Junkie: Now give the explosion created by explosive weapons extra damage instead of just the impact damage.

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