How to identify items in Diablo 2 so you can keep the good stuff in Resurrected

You’ll want know to how to identify items in Diablo 2 as soon as you start finding these Diablo 2 unidentified items. The game doesn’t really tell you much beyond the fact that you don’t know what you’ve got, and with inventory space at a premium you’ll want to know if whatever it is, is worth keeping sooner rather than later. Especially as you could have some really useful things without even realising. So how do you identify Diablo 2 items? Well, there’s a scroll for that.

How to identify Diablo 2 items

diablo 2 unidentified items

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The annoying thing about not knowing how to identify items in Diablo 2 is you’re able to do it pretty much as soon as the game starts, as long as you know what ‘it’ actually is. 

You see, the trick is to use a Scroll of Identity to reveal what an unknown Diablo 2 item is. Simply click on the scroll to use it, which will change the cursor and you can then click on the thing you want to reveal. It’s it’s useful, yay. If not, chuck it or sell it, safe in the knowledge you can at least get rid of it by name. 

These Scrolls of Identity are fairly common drops and and if you weren’t using them because you didn’t know what they were, you’ve probably got a few lying around. Even if you haven’t, it won’t take long to pick a few up. You can also buy them from Akara in the Rogue Camp if you get back with items you want to identify. However, a more economic option, at least as far as space goes, are the Tome of Identity books she also sells. These hold three scrolls but only take up two slots, letting you carry more for less. 

diablo 2 unidentified items

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It’s also worth noting that once you’ve finished Act 1 you’ll have Deckard Cain back at the Rogue Camp who can identify things for you. That doesn’t mean you can forget about Scrolls or Tomes of Identity completely though, as they are still very useful out in the field to help you decide what to use, throw or save. 

If you need help with anything else then we’ve got our guide to the best Diablo 2 classes, and some pointers to help you find the Diablo 2 Underground Passage.

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