Dirt 5 studio Codemasters is hiring for its “most ambitious and biggest game” in over a decade

The studio behind Dirt 5 and F1 2021 is hiring people to work on its “most ambitious and biggest game” in over a decade.

This is according to a job listing (opens in new tab) (via Exputer (opens in new tab)) for a development manager which details that the UK-based studio is working on what “promises to be the most ambitious and biggest game that Codemasters has made in over a decade.” 

EA is also looking for a number of other roles to be filled at Codemasters including a senior manager in engineering (opens in new tab) which states that the studio is “already hard at work concepting the next AAA project” as of August 2021, which likely means the project is still in the early development stage. 

The only other hint we get from the job adverts as to what this next project will be is the fact that in the development manager listing it is described as a “AAA racing game,” although that’s to be expected from the acclaimed racing studio. 

The guessing game becomes even easier when you remember that EA revealed its plan to release ‘annual racing games‘ following its $1.2 billion acquisition of Codemasters at the start of this year. Whatever Codemasters is working on though, it’ll end up joining the likes of fellow EA racing games NFS Heat and Burnout Paradise Remastered. 

If you fancy trying out one of Codemasters games ahead of its next project, Xbox Game Pass currently has 5 of the studio’s games on offer including Dirt 4, Dirt Rally, Dirt Rally 2.0, F1 2020, and Grid. 

If you’re looking for a different kind of racing game, take a look at our list of the best racing games for inspiration. 

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