Elizabeth Olsen explains why Wanda isnt looking for Vision in Doctor Strange 2

Elizabeth Olsen has explained why Wanda Maximoff isn’t looking for Vision in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Major spoilers ahead!

In the movie, Scarlet Witch – who has been corrupted by the Darkhold – is hunting down America Chavez to steal her multiversal powers, which would allow Wanda to travel to a universe where her children Billy and Tommy Maximoff still exist. Strangely, though, Wanda isn’t also looking for her lost love Vision in the movie. 

“There’s a whole list of things, like my brother, my parents,” Olsen told Collider (opens in new tab), referring to Pietro Maximoff and the duo’s parents, who were killed in an explosion. “I think the main reason when we would talk about if there is this multiverse, and in the version of the universe this woman wasn’t with Vision. We liked having that be a mystery. For some reason he’s not in her world.”

She added: “I always thought of her as more of a domestic Wanda. They got divorced. They’re separated. She’s not wearing a wedding band for a reason. Like those kinds of things. We liked the idea of her being on her own. The idea really is that the most important thing once you become a mother in the world are your children, and that’s why.”

Plus, Olsen said, Wanda’s quest to find her children ties into the legend of the Scarlet Witch. “The kids are part of her myth as well. I think that’s also part of it. I do think that once you’re a mother the loss of your child is more painful than any other loss you could ever experience. That’s really why.”

At the end of WandaVision, a new Vision – White Vision – absorbed all the memories of his regular counterpart and flew away, and hasn’t been seen since. Whether he returns in a future MCU project to reunite with Wanda is a mystery for now. 

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