Dreamlight Valley is a free-to-play mashup of Disney and The Sims

If you’ve ever wanted to live out your own magical Disney fantasies, you’ll soon be able to with Disney Dreamlight Valley

This new free-to-play sim adventure, born from a partnership between Disney and developer Gameloft, challenges players to restore a village to its former glory. After a strange event called The Forgetting, the village is in dire need of assistance, and only you can help – you and a bunch of cartoon characters, anyway. 

You’ll have to work alongside a variety of Disney and Pixar characters, both heroes and villains, to help them regain their lost memories. As they remember who they once were, you’ll in turn learn all about Dreamlight Valley and the secrets behind The Forgetting. 

The more secrets you unravel, the more you’ll be able to customize the land you’re exploring. Eventually, you’ll even be able to build your dream village and kit out your avatar with Disney and Pixar-centric accessories. 

In many ways, Dreamlight Valley appears to resemble the popular mobile title Disney Magic Kingdoms, another free-to-play adventure where players were tasked with assisting Disney and Pixar characters. Except instead of a village, the ask was rebuilding the Magic Kingdom. 

There are already countless Disney mobile games on the market, but Dreamlight Valley looks to be changing things up a bit by offering the most Sims-like experience yet. Some of the early footage in the first trailer showcases some interesting character interactions. You can go fishing with Goofy, exploring with Ariel, and take on what looks like a bounty of other missions accompanied by Disney personalities of all manner. 

You can get in on the game early by purchasing a Founder’s Pack or by becoming an Xbox Game Pass member. Anyone who plays during the Early Access period will receive a number of “exclusive rewards” that they’ll retain following the game’s full release. 

Expect Dreamlight Valley to touch down in Early Access this summer on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Switch, PC, and Mac. The full free-to-play release is expected in 2023. There’s no exact release date just yet, so you might want to wish on a star for that one. 

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