What time does Dune release on HBO Max?

Dune is heading to HBO Max shortly – but plans have changed. A new release date and time has been announced for the at-home arrival of Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic, while the cinema release date (and, if you can do so safely, the cinema experience is highly recommended) remains the same in the US: October 22.

To ensure you’re ahead of the game and watching Dune early (gasp!) on Thursday afternoon, head on down below as we cover all the essentials for the biggest HBO Max release yet. The Dune HBO Max release date and streaming time are both here, as well as info on when the movie leaves the streamer.

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What time can I watch Dune on HBO Max?


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Dune is launching early on HBO Max. The release date is now October 21, one day earlier than its US theatrical release and the same day as the UK cinema release (no word on streaming options in the UK).

Make sure you have your evening free. It’ll appear on the streaming service at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern. That’s the perfect way to spice up your Thursday – and you can still watch it in cinemas 24 hours later if you prefer the big-screen experience a second time around.

When does Dune leave HBO Max?


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Dune isn’t staying on HBO Max forever, at least at first. As usual, day-and-date releases will depart after 31 days on the streaming service. In this case, that means Dune should be gone by Sunday, November 21 at 11:59pm. Don’t worry, though – it’ll likely return to the service full-time in mid-2022 if previous releases are any indication.

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