Elden Ring Brother Corhyn location

Brother Corhyn’s location in Elden Ring is quite important to know if you’re running a Faith-based build that relies on strong Incantations. The man of the cloth will be one of the first NPCs you meet in the safety of the Roundtable Hold, serving as a basis for learning Faith spells, but once you might notice that he has suddenly disappeared and you have no way to learn all those Incantations from the Prayer Books you gave him. If you’re a Faith-based mage in Elden Ring, this can be borderline nightmarish.

Don’t worry through – Brother Corhyn moves in search of Goldmask, and you can still access his inventory of spells, even though he’s no longer at Roundtable Hold. If you want to find him after he’s gone and keep learning godly magic, we can show you Brother Corhyn’s location in Elden Ring below.

Brother Corhyn’s location in Elden Ring

Elden Ring brother corhyn location

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Brother Corhyn is first found next to the Site of Grace in the Roundtable Hold, but he will move once you make it to the Altus Plateau region of the Lands Between that is just north of Liurnia – to get to this area, you’ll need to know how to use the Grand Lift of Dectus in Elden Ring or find the alternate route through the Ravine-Veiled Village. Once you’ve done this, the next time you talk to Brother Corhyn he’ll mention that he wants to find the character mentioned in the intro cinematic called the Goldmask, and will leave the Hold to search for him.

The new place you can find him is in the Altus Plateau, just next to the beacon with that area’s map fragment (if you don’t know where that is, check out our page on the Elden Ring map fragments). He’s calmly sitting on the wall, and will still serve as a place to learn Incantations and submit any Prayerbooks you’ve found, though he’ll still do the same shocked face whenever you do at the fact that they’re not part of the proper holy texts.

Now, if you don’t progress the Goldmask questline by helping Corhyn on his personal search for the enigmatic masked man, he won’t budge until you reach the endgame, so if you want him to stay in place, don’t report to him that you’ve found Goldmask. However, if you want to know how to complete the Elden Ring Goldmask questline, we’ve got a separate guide here. But in short, Corhyn will move to these places in this order:

  • With Goldmask on the broken greatbridge.
  • Outside the coliseum in Leyndell.
  • On the bridge southwest of the Minor Erdtree in the Mountaintops of the Giants. 

Best spells in Elden Ring

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While you’re out to learn Incantations, why not check out the Elden Ring best spells, Faith magic included?

Brother Corhyn is an essential NPC for any player who’s building a character based around Faith and Incantations, though there is an alternative. The giant tortoise Miriel at the Church of Vows (East side of the Liurnia Lake) will also accept Prayer Books and sell Incantations, though they don’t start with the same selection as Corhyn. You also can’t teach Miriel any Incantations you already taught Corhyn, each one limited by the Prayer Books you give them.

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