Elden Ring Accord gets the communitys creative juices flowing

Elden Ring fans are extremely excited over a Honda.

No, wait, come back! Yesterday during the brand new gameplay segment from Elden Ring, we got a little glimpse of a new character called Melina, who offers the player character a special Accord. Heading over to the Elden Ring subreddit, that’s produced the reaction seen below.

Yes, that is a Honda Accord, and Elden Ring players are very excited about it. While we probably won’t be screeching around The Lands Between in a fashionable Honda, putting our stat points into Vehicular Manslaughter, we will be venturing around the world of Elden Ring using a special spectral mount that can double jump. Double jumping horse > Honda Accord.

There was plenty more to feast our eyes on with the new Elden Ring segment, aside from a Honda Accord. FromSoftware debuted over 15 minutes of new footage in an Elden Ring gameplay trailer yesterday, showing the player character venturing around the world of The Lands Between, encountering various monstrous foes, and fighting them with swords and magical spells alike.

While there’s a while to wait until Elden Ring launches next year on February 25, but there’s the closed network test to look forward to later this month. On November 12, a select few players will be granted entry to The Lands Between, able to roam through a portion of FromSoftware’s new world for a few hours each day until November 15. For a complete guide on the times for the new test, head over to our Elden Ring network test dates guide for more.

You can also check out our feature on the seven things we learned from Elden Ring’s 15-minute gameplay reveal for a detailed look at FromSoftware’s new game.

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