Elden Ring dataminer brings giant enemies to life, accidentally makes 300-foot boss

What happens when two of Elden Ring’s largest NPCs wake up and start roaming around? Well, one of them can crash your game, for starters. 

Dataminer and popular Elden Ring YouTuber Zullie The Witch (opens in new tab) investigated just that in a new video, which highlights the massive Great Jar and Greyoll the Dragon, the largest residents of Caelid.

In the video, Zullie notes that Elden Ring deliberately resizes some NPCs in an effort to ensure there’s a wider variety of enemies. As a result, many NPCs, including the Great Jar and Greyoll, will rely on the same types of animations that their smaller forms do. This allows modders to force these enormous enemies to get up, walk around, and even attack using the same moves as their comparatively tiny brethren.

The result is truly a sight to see. The towering Great Jar is large enough on its own, but Greyoll is about double its size, standing at roughly 86 meters. In fact, the game often ends up lagging or shutting down altogether, according to Zullie, due to how much it struggles to support Greyoll’s enormous size and intensive animations. 

Yes, it’s cool to see a huge dragon staggering around, but there’s clearly a reason Greyoll is resigned to staying a ground-dweller (even if it is canonically due to the scarlet rot). Perhaps it’s a good thing that these giants remain dormant. Can’t become an Elden Lord if a dragon keeps crashing your game, after all. 

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