Elden Ring gameplay leak reveals a knight who slaps you around with a dragon tail

Newly-leaked Elden Ring gameplay shows a powerful NPC not seen in the game’s network test, apparently dubbed Crucible Knight Floh.

Dataminer ER-SA shared a short clip of this red warrior in action – and by in action, we mean in the process of pummeling an unfortunate Tarnished. Floh – assuming that is this character’s final name – wields Ordovis’ Greatsword and wears the Crucible armor set found in a guarded carriage just east of Elden Ring’s starting point, and they make good use of it here. 

Their techniques almost resemble a dragoon’s, with dive attacks and roundhouses augmented by ethereal wings and what looks like a dragon tail. That horned shield is pretty gnarly, too, and the special attack on the Ordovis greatsword hasn’t gotten any less devastating. Here’s hoping that sweeping tail attack is a spell we can learn for ourselves. The range on that thing. 

ER-SA fights a phantom version of Floh near the opening section of the game, right outside the cathedral past the first Site of Grace, but it’s unclear if this is where this NPC naturally appears. This area was accessible in the Elden Ring network test, but Floh didn’t actually appear in the test. It’s possible that Floh simply wasn’t included in the network test, but it’s also possible that ER-SA manually spawned them in for a quick showcase. Another dataminer (opens in new tab) citing ER-SA’s work found a corporeal version of the Crucible Knight in Stormveil Castle, which seems like a more reasonable location for a warrior like this. 

ER-SA previously leaked Elden Ring’s character creation screen, which looks like a big improvement over FromSoftware’s previous games. 

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