Elden Ring new game plus works just like FromSoftwares previous games

Elden Ring new game plus uses the same basic setup as the Dark Souls series to let players beat the game multiple times with one character. 

“After clearing the game the first time, you can carry across your character data and play the game again, against powered-up enemies,” producer Yasuhiro Kitao explained in a recent Taipei Game Show broadcast (opens in new tab). “This has always been a feature of our games … In fact, with the world being so vast, the game is designed so that it can be cleared without necessarily experiencing everything. Some players will prefer to try and explore the entire map the first time, while others will leave some areas for exploration in second or subsequent cycles.”

On top of exploring regions you skipped or missed the first time through, Elden Ring new game plus will also let you experiment with new builds, weapons, and play styles using the items you gathered in your first run. Previous FromSoftware games have always let you carry over everything apart from key items tied to progression, and Elden Ring will likewise allow players to keep all the end-game gear and spells they’ve gathered. Whether you stick to your guns or try something new, you’ll need to polish your skills for new game plus, as Kitao says enemies “get stronger and stronger each time you go through the game.” 

Asked if it’s possible to clear 100% of the game in one playthrough, Kitao explained that, “technically, it’s impossible to reach 100 percent due to the fact that there are branching points near the end, but you can certainly get pretty close.” It’s possible that Kitao’s simply referring to Elden Ring’s multiple endings, but there may be unique areas or bosses associated with those endings, too, which ought to light a fire under die-hard completionists. 

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