Elden Ring player beats Margit while using a harp as a controller

One plucky Elden Ring fan has managed to conquer Margit the Fell Omen while using a harp as a controller. 

Harpist Anna Ellsworth has posted the feat to YouTube, though it’s currently getting a lot of attention on Reddit (opens in new tab). The fight itself proves to be pretty clean, with Ellsworth rolling past plenty of Margit’s attacks and healing through the minor damage they do take. What’s even more impressive is that they’ve bested the Fell Omen without wearing any in-game armor – a power move, granted, though it does make you more agile. 

So, how do you even play Elden Ring with a harp? Ellsworth explains (opens in new tab) that the musical instrument is hooked up to their PC and is then run through two programs – one that detects pitches and turns them into MIDI and another that takes that sound and binds it to a keystroke. 

This allows Ellsworth to pluck certain strings to move forward, left, or backwards indefinitely until another direction is input or the movement is cancelled altogether, but things still get tricky. 

“The problem is that my controls are limited with this setup,” they explain (opens in new tab). “Like, I can’t sprint at all and because dodging and moving a different direction are two separate strings (and the program can only recognise one at a time), my strategy is mostly just to walk forward and dodge straight into the attacks. It can be a little unreliable.”

Margit the Fell Omen proved to be Elden Ring’s first serious difficulty check when the game was released earlier this year. At one point, only 55% of PC players triumphed against him, while PlayStation players fared slightly better at 64%. 

While the feat is certainly impressive, Margit isn’t the first Elden Ring boss to be felled by Ellsworth. They have also managed to beat the Tree Sentinel (opens in new tab) while, yes, using a harp. 

Elden Ring’s latest update makes your choice of Sacred Flask even more important and finally tells you how many Runes your freakin’ Runes are worth.

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