Elden Ring player becomes nearly unstoppable with mech suit build

Elden Ring is a whole lot easier if you’ve got a mech suit.

The Lands Between are not known for their forgiving nature. To stay alive in this brutal world, you need powerful offensive capabilities, and a decent amount of armour for when the game’s fearsome foes do land a hit. But Elden Ring player Adam Barker has found a clever way to turn the tide of battles – by essentially building a mech suit.

A YouTube video shows Barker using the Ironjar Aromatic, a consumable item that uses FP to turn his Tarnished’s body to steel. To his mixed Physik, he adds the Cerulean Hidden Tear to stop FP consumption and Crimsonwhorl Bubbletear, which converts damage received into HP.

He then unleashes Unendurable Frenzy, an incantation that causes yellow flames to spew from the eyes, causing heavy damage to those caught in it. Barker sums up his creation in the video’s description, saying, “New Armored Core looks good”.

The results of this powerful mix can be seen below.

Barker tears through enemies and also causes havoc in the world’s of many unsuspecting players, quickly annihilating them with the mech build. But the seemingly indestructible Tarnished is eventually taken down by a team of three and some potent magic. 

The player is now working on a full commentary video explaining how to make your own mech suit. With this nearly unstoppable build, invasions are about to get a lot more terrifying.

And speaking of dangerous foes, meet the new strongest enemy in Elden Ring, a bugged blood dog that can insta-kill you.

If your first trip to the Lands Between is drawing to a close, we’ve got a guide to everything you should do in Elden Ring before NG+.

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