Elden Ring player shares guide to oneshotting bosses

While Elden Ring may be more accessible than other From Software titles, it’s certainly by no means a walk in the park.

But YouTube channel Mendokusaii claims to have broken the game. Their tactic? Becoming a bonafide powerhouse extremely quickly by speedrunning their way to a +9 weapon, avoiding the game’s bosses in the process. And judging by their video, which shows them eradicating some of Elden Ring’s heavyweight opponents with a single swing of their souped-up sword, they’ve done it!

A word of warning, this video contains spoilers for some of the locations and boss battles that you’ll encounter in Elden Ring, so if you don’t want to see what behemoths are waiting to bring the pain, then it’s best to avoid it for now. For those wishing to make their Elden Ring adventure’s a little less death riddled, Mendokusaii gives a detailed breakdown of exactly what you’ll need to do to oneshot its bosses.

According to the video, the technique is doable using any class, even the deprived Wretch, who starts with few stats and fewer clothes. While the video shows the upgraded Sword of Night and Flame, you’re not limited to using this weapon. They say, “You can do this with any starting class, with any weapon, the guide is just for this specific sword because it is so cool and it is so powerful”. 

It’s relatively quick to do too. From starting at the very beginning of the game, getting a weapon to a respectable level 5 takes around 30 minutes when following this approach. 

Due to a Steam Cloud save problem, Bandai Namco has advised Elden Ring’s PC players back up their local save data. This comes after the game hits almost one million concurrent players on Steam.

If you’d rather tackle Elden Ring the way it’s meant to be played, take a look at our Elden Ring Guide for advice on getting started.

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