Elden Ring smashes Steam player records for Sekiro and Dark Souls 3 within minutes of launch

Elden Ring broke the Steam player records of some of its most significant forebears just minutes after it hit the storefront.

As of this writing, the current user count for Elden Ring is just over 734,000 players, all beginning their journeys as outmatched little Tarnished in a very big, open world. As pointed out by ResetEra forum goer Ashen One (opens in new tab), Elden Ring has already smashed the concurrent Steam player count records for its two other most recent games – both Dark Souls 3, which peaked at just under 130,000 three years ago according to SteamDB (opens in new tab), and Sekiro, which hit 125,000 three years ago (opens in new tab). As it stands right now, the Elden Ring player count is only increasing each time Valve updates the figures.

These figures are just for the PC version of course, and the Elden Ring release time on consoles hasn’t even arrived yet – a whole lot more players will come pouring in across platforms once it does. Meanwhile, players on PC have even more to look forward to in the future, including plans for an Elden Ring ray tracing update to make all of those horrors extra horrifying and poison swamps extra swampy.

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