Elden Ring survival mode mod is coming to make the game even tougher

An Elden Ring “survival mode” mod is in the works from the developer of Dark Souls: Nightfall.

Earlier this week, storied Dark Souls modder Grimrukh asked for mod suggestions for Elden Ring via their Twitter account. When YouTuber Lobosjr replied suggesting a survival mode for FromSoftware’s latest, the modder took them up on the suggestion, and is actively planning out a torturous survival mode mod for Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Survival Mode 💀This will be my annual St. Jude mod for Lobos next month. Hit me up with your ideas for more changes you’d like to see in a more brutal/realistic version of the Lands Between.As always, the mod will be released to the public later! https://t.co/9YlMDWovlRApril 25, 2022

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However, details haven’t actually been finalized for the mod just yet. Grimrukh reveals via the tweet above that they’re still taking suggestions for the mod’s specifics, meaning it’s still very much in the planning phase. Considering how hefty this mod sounds, we could be waiting for the survival mode mod to hit for a fair while yet.

That all being said, survival mode in Elden Ring sounds like an entertaining nightmare. The thought of night time being so fark you need a torch to see, as well as hunger and thirst meters to deal with while exploring The Lands Between sounds like a suitably hellish addition for a game that’s already as tough as nails in its own right.

If you’re unfamiliar with why we should be taking Grimrukh’s work so seriously, the Dark Souls: Nightfall mod is the perfect answer. Made by a group of modders as a direct sequel to FromSoftware’s modern classic, Nightfall introduces an entirely new world map and overhauled combat system to the original game, giving what’s effectively a brand new game for players to experience. You can even play the Dark Souls: Nightfall demo right now while we wait for this next effort from Grimrukh.

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