Elden Rings mysterious 50-hit walls were a glitch after all

Elden Ring’s super sturdy fake walls have now been patched.

Illusory Walls are commonplace in From Software games, but they usually only require a quick tap to knock them down, leaving you free to find whatever secrets are concealed behind. But last month, Elden Ring players discovered suspicious fake walls that could only be broken with a great many hits. Multiple fans shared their dismay at these oddly resilient structures, with one Reddit user posting a video that showed them swinging their sword at one of these walls a whopping 50 times before it disappeared. 

Fans were left wondering whether these walls were glitched or whether they were a deliberately cruel trick by From Software. But now, it seems that they were a bug all along, as the game’s most recent patch has seemingly solved the problem. Zullie the Witch posted a video on YouTube demonstrating that the questionable walls are now unbreakable. So we can all adventure safe in the knowledge that if a wall doesn’t disappear with the first tap, it’s safe to move on. 

The video also points out that the game’s bugged blood dogs have now been patched. Due to a glitch, these enemies were able to deal upwards of 11,640 damage per second, leading to the abrupt end of many an unsuspecting Tarnished. As Zullie the Witch demonstrates, these doggies are still all too eager to take a bite out of you, but they appear to be much less devastating than before.

From Software has seemingly put out one fire but also inadvertently started another. Following patch 1.04, the fight with Malenia is now even harder due to a new bug that makes her lifesteal work even when she misses.

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