Elden Rings White Mask helmet changes shape to fit those unique character creations

Elden Ring’s morphing headgear is both brilliant and bizarre. 

They say the best defence is a good offence, but you’ll need decent armour if you’re going to survive in Elden Ring. When it comes to protecting your Tarnished’s noggin, the White Mask is a solid choice. This helm offers good protection from both physical strikes and magical-based attacks. It’s also lightweight, so there’s less chance of your Tarnished ‘fat rolling’ around the Lands Between. 

But that’s not all the White Mask can do. In a post on the game’s subreddit (opens in new tab), user _Mido demonstrates how the headgear can be moulded to fit even your most horrendous character creations. The Elden Ring player shared an image of how the mask changes when placed on their Shrek-like Tarnished, and the result speaks for itself. 

fun_fact_white_mask_adapts_to_your_face from r/Eldenring

Noticing how one area, in particular, appears to be considerably more altered than the rest, Reddit user zipfern commented, “Correction, it adapts to your nose.” Another user was curious where the green Tarnished’s pointy chin was hiding, a mystery which _Mido quickly cleared up, “All the surplus material went for the nose. The chin got crushed, sorry.” According to user RossMan, the Prisoner Iron Mask also has this quirky feature.

In other Elden Ring news, a recent patch has fixed Malenia’s broken lifestealing ability, putting a stop to The Blade of Miquella’s free heals.

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