Enemy of the State, a twin-stick shooter set in the prohibition era, debuts in the Future Games Show

Developer Brave Lamb Studio wants to take you on a tour of the world during the 1920s Prohibition Era with Enemy of the State. You know the American gangsters of the time, your Al Capone and your Machine Gun Kelly. But do you know the crime bosses of China, Japan, or other global destinations during the era?

Well, those are the stories that Brave Lamb Studio is looking to tell with Enemy of the State. Revealed as part of the Future Games Show Powered by Mana, this is a co-op-focused twin-stick shooter, featuring class-based action. You can pick from a range of class types from the tanky Brute with a machine gun to an agile scout with a grappling hook. Working together will be imperative in order to succeed in your mission – as you’d hope for a co-op title. 

You can pick the nation you want your gangsters to hail from, meaning when blended with the setting of the levels, it makes for an interesting international blend. Brave Lamb Studio is excited about the possibilities that creates when developing the game too, as it allows the team to break free of creative constraints. 

With your chosen gangsters you’ll visit locations all over the world inspired by the era, with the developer aiming to introduce new level types to the genre, including train heists. Each level will have several different ways that you can complete it, with areas deliberately designed to take advantage of the character classes’ unique abilities and strengths. 

Outside of the levels themselves, Enemy of the State will also include a Deep Rock Galactic-inspired lobby. Here you’ll be able to customize your character, join a Syndicate (aka the game’s take on a guild), and even play mini-games there with your friends. There will also be options to customize and develop the base itself, with places to show off the items your crew has collected from their, ahem, totally legal adventures. 

Enemy of the State is aiming for a mid-2024 launch window on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S, but you can wishlist it right now.

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