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Throughout January, GamesRadar+ will be exploring the video games that we believe will be Big in 2022. In truth, there’s a good chance that this year will be one for the history books. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are beginning to gather momentum, developers are striving to engineer more immersive and expressive experiences, and new technologies will threaten to change the industry forever. 

Many of us had hoped that 2021 would be a return to some instance of normality, though ongoing pressures created by the COVID-19 pandemic made that a challenge – with many of the most anticipated titles pushed to the new year to studios the time to get their games ready for release. As a result, 2022 is stacked with blockbusters. Winter is absurd, packed with a scale of AAA releases that would typically adorn the autumn window, and the calendar for the rest of the year looks similarly fantastic.  

With Big in 2022, we want to take you inside the games that should be on your radar. Every day in January, GamesRadar+ will be publishing features that explore the biggest games of the year. You should expect to find exclusive interviews, hands-on reports, and in-depth editorials to give you new insights and a fresh perspective on the games that will be Big in 2022. 

These days, some of the best experiences you can have playing games in any given year aren’t new releases at all. In recognition of that, we’ll be exploring the state of the games that many of you can’t seem to quit. From the live service titles your friends are still playing to the single-player experiences that are still receiving updates, GamesRadar+ will ascertain whether it’s worth returning or holding off for a new update on everything from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to Warzone. 

PlayStation and Xbox are gearing up to push the new generation to its limits; Nintendo will continue to squeeze power out of the Switch; Valve is preparing to take PC gaming mobile like never before with SteamDeck. We’ll be assessing each publisher’s position as we head into the new year, and exploring the biggest emerging trends across the industry.

2022 is going to be a banner year for video games. Looking at the range of releases on the horizon, there’s something suited for every type of player. With Big in 2022, GamesRadar+ will bring you closer to the games you really care about and hopefully introduce you to a few that weren’t on your radar before. 

Our exploration of 2022 begins with an exclusive and in-depth look at Nightingale, the shared-world survival crafting game from ex-BioWare developers that are trying to evolve the genre with a stronger approach to world-building. Click the link below to read that feature, or head to our Big in 2022 coverage hub throughout January for all of our coverage. 

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Big in 2022 Nightingale

(Image credit: Inflexion Games)

Big in 2022: Nightingale –  We sit down with Inflexion Games to learn more about Nightingale, the ambitious shared-world survival game being crafted by ex-BioWare developers. 

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