Far Cry 6 developer reveals memorial to their cat hidden in the game

A developer on Far Cry 6 has revealed a hidden reference to their cat in the game who sadly passed away during development. 

Ted Timmins, who worked as game director on Far Cry 6, put out a tweet recently revealing that his late cat Totoro had been immortalized within the walls of Yara. According to the tweet, Timmins’ cat suddenly passed away during the development of Far Cry 6 however will live on forever as some graffiti art in the game, alongside Timmins’ other cat Yoshi. 

The tweet also featured a photo of the Gatos wall art and the adorable cats it was based on. “I’m eternally grateful for this, it means so much and was such a thoughtful surprise,” the rest of Timmins’ tweet reads. It’s nice to know that Totoro meant a lot to not only his owner but also the rest of the team at Ubisoft working on the game. 

When my boy Totoro suddenly died during the development of #FarCry6, the team immortalised him forever on the walls all over Yara – including his brother Yoshi by his side. I’m eternally grateful for this, it means so much and was such a thoughtful surprise ♥️ pic.twitter.com/wIp01HXF0zOctober 10, 2021

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As those who have already experienced Far Cry 6 will tell you, there’s no shortage of animals within the game. From Chorizo the sausage dog amigo, Guapo the crocodile, and a number of cockerels including El Huevo – whose name literally translates to “the egg.” All of which act as companions for the player as they navigate Yara and beyond. 

In other Far Cry 6 news, Ubisoft is currently investigating an error that is affecting those playing the game on PS5, specifically in the UK it seems. According to one Twitter user, they are only able to access the PS5 upgrade for their PS4 disc version of Far Cry 6 if using a Russian PSN account. Which has led to the speculation that the UK may have received Russian versions of the game upon its release. 

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