Far Cry 6 is just $20 in this weekends Xbox Series X and PS5 deals

After months of trickling its price down, Far Cry 6 has finally hit $19.99 (opens in new tab). Amazon’s latest Xbox Series X and PS5 deals have slashed $40 from the original $59.99 MSRP this weekend, leaving us with a stunning sales price on the latest release. 

Far Cry 6 launched back in October and quickly got into the swing of discounts season. Prices dropped to $35 in Black Friday’s offers and continued to tick downwards in the months afterwards (save for a few jumps back up to MSRP). However, Amazon has launched a new wave of Xbox Series X and PS5 deals ahead of the weekend, giving us this record low price. 

Both consoles are catered to here, but if you’re playing on PS5, there’s an extra offer that might be worth taking a look at. Namely, the Far Cry 6 Gold Steelbook Edition is also on sale – dropping down to $59.99 (was $109.99) (opens in new tab) for the first time ever. Previous PS5 deals only ever managed to reach $80, so you’re saving an extra $20 on the season pass / steelbook package here. 

You’ll find all of these offers just below, with more Xbox Series X deals and PS5 deals further down the page.

Today’s best Far Cry 6 deals

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Far Cry 6 (PS5) | $59.99 $19.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $40 – Amazon has a stunning $40 discount on Far Cry 6 right now, dropping the latest release all the way down to $19.99. The cost has been trickling down since release, but a $20 sales price is a brand new low and particularly impressive considering costs were sitting at $25 earlier in the week.

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Far Cry 6 (Xbox Series X / Xbox One) | $59.99 $19.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $40 – The Xbox version of Far Cry 6 is also available for just $20 at Amazon. This edition has been jumping around in price a little more, sitting closer to $30 in recent Xbox deals.

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Far Cry 6 Gold Steelbook Edition (PS5) | $109.99 $59.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save $50 – This edition of Far Cry 6 nets you a collectible steelbook as well as the season pass for DLC, all for just $59.99. This is the first time we’ve seen PS5 game deals drop this edition so low, and considering previous sales only ever hit $79.99, this is a particularly enticing discount.

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