FIFA 22 bugs let players score the easiest free kicks of their lives

A FIFA 22 free kick bug appears to let players reposition around their opponents’ defensive walls.

In a post on Reddit, user cbkanh showed off a clip of a free kick. From a starting position 23 yards out and directly in front of their opponents’ goal, the player calls a second kick taker, and then a third. While the former positions themselves to the right of the screen, the latter comes charging through the middle, accidentally moving the ball forward a little, but also pushing it a couple of metres to the right.

In real life, that would definitely count as taking the free kcik, but in-game, it simply allowed the kick taker to adjust to the ball’s new position. Unfortunately for the defending player, the new spot was now several metres to the right of their defensive wall, which is automatically, and immovably, positioned by the game. That made for a pretty easy shot on goal, which swiftly extended cbkanh’s lead. It’s not clear how easy it is to replicate the error, but it seems likely that EA will try and fix it pretty quickly.

That isn’t the only set piece-related error that’s reared its head so far. Another post appears to allow the player to take their free kick from well within their opponents’ six-yard box. With a defensive wall positioned behind the goal and only a few feet to cover with their shot, it was a pretty simple finish.

Free kicks aren’t the only problem that FIFA 22 players have faced since launch. Some fans found that their FIFA 22 Ones to Watch packs, rather than being filled with specially-branded cards, were returning normal players. Still, even with a few bugs to deal with, FIFA 22 seems to be off to a better start than eFootball 2022.

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