Final Fantasy 14 update 7.0 story info being revealed next month

Final Fantasy 14 will reveal new info next month preluding update 7.0. 

The new information was revealed by game director and producer Naoki Yoshida, taking to the new Radio Mog Station show yesterday on January 9, according to the fan translation just below. In his appearance on the show, Yoshida revealed that the end of February will see new information revealed relating to Final Fantasy 14’s new story in the aftermath of Endwalker.

Yoshi-P says in the Radio Mog Station show that there will be quite a lot of info that will be dumped on us near the end of February that will lead up to 7.0. There might be some drastic changes that’ll surprise you.Krile will also have a focus from here on out. #FFXIV 9, 2022

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Endwalker was the conclusion of the ongoing Haedalyn and Zodiark plot arc that originally kicked off with A Realm Reborn over a decade ago. Now that Endwalker has arrived, Yoshida and the development team at Square Enix are looking to the next story arc for Final Fantasy 14, which will officially begin with the arrival of update 6.1 at some point in the near future.

Once this update arrives, we’re on course for the new story, which will inevitably lead to a new expansion with the eventual update 7.0. It’s information relating to this eventual expansion which Square Enix will be revealing at some point in late February, according to Yoshida, and there’ll even be some “drastic changes” according to the director. It’s an exciting time for Final Fantasy 14 players, as an entirely new story beckons after the explosive events of Endwalker.

Additionally, long-time companion Krile will have an increased role in the story of Final Fantasy 14 going forward. A bit like Tartaru, Krile has typically operated on the sidelines of Final Fantasy 14 for the past few expansions, while the main band of heroes venture forward into quests and combat. Krile is generally beloved by the Final Fantasy 14 player base at large, so this will no doubt be welcome news for a lot of players.

For our complete writeup of the latest expansion, you can head over to our Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker review for more.

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