Final Fantasy 7 Remake could have been two games instead of three

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s creators weren’t sure whether the series would feature two or three games.

In a new interview with Famitsu (opens in new tab), Final Fantasy 7 Remake series leads Tetsuya Nomura and Yoshinori Kitase delved into their thinking on the remake trilogy. The former begins by alluding to the fact that Square Enix never announced how many parts Final Fantasy 7 Remake would be when it was first announced, because the directors themselves didn’t know.

Nomura shares that he was originally considering doing the Final Fantasy 7 Remake series over just two games, and also mentions that Kitase suggested exploring the possibility of stretching out the saga further. Kitase sort of downplays the whole thing, laughing it off as one of many things that were discussed and hypothesized over.

From Kitase’s comments, it seems as though Square Enix settled on stretching out the Final Fantasy 7 Remake series to a trilogy after work on the first entry was completed. Kitase talks about taking into account how many “man hours” were needed to ship the first game, and settling on the idea of a trilogy off the back of that study.

What both leads make certain in the new interview is that no more than three games in the series were ever really considered. Speaking of, Square Enix recently announced, alongside the unveiling of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, that the third part in the trilogy was in active development. Fans have already been guessing the name of this third, mysterious title.

Here’s why you need to play Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core this Winter ahead of Rebirth next year. 

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