Forget Series X – you can now save $20 on an Xbox Series S bundle

With Xbox Series X stock being increasingly difficult to come by, opting for the cheaper console can pay out big this week thanks to some incredible Xbox Series S bundles from Dell. These offers pack additional controllers for $20 off (opens in new tab), but you might want to hurry – these are being scooped up quick. 

The cheapest Xbox Series S bundle up for grabs today is the plain and simple additional controller. You’re getting the $299 console and the $50 controller for just $327.99 all in (opens in new tab) here, but considering this has already been 52% claimed at the time of writing, we wouldn’t hang about. 

Or, if you’re keen to maximise your value, you can opt for the slightly more expensive Fortnite / Rocket League bundle. This Xbox Series S deal will send you home with plenty of virtual coins for each title, as well as an additional controller for $339.98 ($20 off the $359.98 price) (opens in new tab). You’re saving a little less overall here, as that bundle often comes in at the same price as the console itself, but it’s still a rare offer not to be missed. 

You’ll find more information about both of these Xbox Series S bundles just below, and all the latest deals on the best Xbox accessories to pair with your console further down the page. 

Today’s best Xbox Series S bundle deals

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Xbox Series S | Additional Xbox controller | $347.99 $327.99 at Dell (opens in new tab)
Save $20 – While the Xbox Series X is impossible to find, you can actually save cash with this Xbox Series S bundle at Dell. You’re getting the $299 console and an extra controller (worth around $50) for just $327.99 today. We’d move fast, though, because this offer has already been 52% claimed at the time of writing.

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Xbox Series S Fortnite + Rocket League bundle | Additional controller | $359.98 $339.98 at Dell (opens in new tab)
Save $20 – If you’re after some virtual currency for your favorite free to play games, you’ll also find the Fortnite and Rocket League Xbox Series S bundle included in this offer. You’re saving $20 here and picking up an extra controller to boot.

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More of today’s best Xbox deals

If you managed to scoop up one of the Xbox Series S bundles above, you might be after some new gear. You’ll find all the lowest prices on the latest and greatest Xbox controllers, Xbox Series X headsets, and more just below.

We’re also rounding up everything we expect to see in future Xbox Series X bundles, but to get up and running with your new console, we’d recommend checking out the latest Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals and Xbox Live Gold 12 month prices

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