How to plant Reality Saplings with Reality Seeds in Fortnite

Fortnite Reality Seeds are a new way to earn additional loot in the battle royale, and by using them to plant or summon Fortnite Reality Saplings you can soon pick a legendary or mythic fruit to collect some high-level gear. These plants were introduced as a result of the nearby Fortnite Zero Point, which has been emitting strange powers to cultivate a fresh new ecosystem and caused Fortnite Reality Seed Pods to sprout up around the island. As well as tending to your sapling to spawn increasingly rare loot, these seeds and plants play a key role in an increasing number of Fortnite quests, so it pays to know where they are. If you’re ready to give your green thumb a workout then here’s everything you need to know about how to plant Reality Saplings with Reality Seeds in Fortnite.

Fortnite Reality Seed Pods locations

Fortnite Reality Seed Pods map

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The main way to get Reality Seeds is to break open Fortnite Reality Seed Pods, and we’ve marked the locations for all the ones we’ve found so far. Simply hit the pod until it breaks open, and several seeds should spill out ready for collection. You can also get seeds as a random item from the fruit hanging on Fortnite Reality Saplings, so search those if you see any growing nearby.

The other place you can look for Fortnite Reality Seeds is around the Reality Tree, which you can see on the Fortnite map in the Reality Falls POI. Search this area and you should find seeds on the ground, though sometimes they’re flying too – if you see one hovering in the air, approach it and follow the Collect prompt to drop a seed on the ground for collection. While you’re in this area, you can also head slightly west to visit Fortnite Groovy Grove and tick off that quest location.

Fortnite Characters

Fortnite Characters Evie

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Bear in mind that other players will be able to see your Fortnite Reality Sapling, and can steal your loot from it or even destroy your flower if they like. Therefore you should think carefully about where you plant your seed, and try to find a location away from busy areas where it won’t be easily spotted – they will grow anywhere on the island, so you don’t need to limit yourself to the area around the Reality Tree. Once your sapling is growing, you can use additional Fortnite Reality Seeds to summon it to new locations by following the same process as the initial planting.

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