Fortnite Tanks

Fortnite Tanks are handy vehicles to get hold of, as they’re armed to the teeth and capable of delivering an explosive blast to anyone or anything that stands in your way. Delivered to the Fortnite island by the Imagined Order to strengthen their defences, these Titan tanks can destroy multiple structures with their giant mounted cannon and the armored layers provide plenty of protection for those lucky enough to be inside. However, they’re not completely infallible, and their fragile treads won’t stand up to much damage before they require repairs to get rolling again. If you want to take command of a mobile armory, then we’ve got all of the Fortnite Tanks locations for you, along with information on how to use a Titan once you’re sat at the controls.

Fortnite Tanks locations

Fortnite Tanks map

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Tanks initially spawn at Named Locations that are (or were) controlled by the Imagined Order. At the time of writing that means the following POIs:

  • Command Cavern x2
  • Condo Canyon
  • Coney Crossroads
  • The Daily Bugle
  • The Fortress
  • Rocky Reels
  • Tilted Towers

We’ve marked the starting locations of these Fortnite Tanks on the map above, but if IO Guards take control of them and head out on patrol then you may have to search the surrounding area to find where they’ve moved to, or they may be gone completely if another player has already commandeered them.

How to get a Fortnite Tank

Fortnite Tanks

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The easiest way to get a Fortnite Tank is to find one that’s been left unoccupied, so you can simply jump inside and drive off. Otherwise you’ll need to take out the IO Guards driving the Titan around on patrol, and while the turret gunner can be picked off the top you’ll need to deal enough damage to the vehicle to force the driver out to fight you. The best way to do this is shoot off the treads around the wheels, causing the Fortnite Tank to grind to a halt and the occupying guards to exit – once they’ve been dealt with, approach the treads and follow the ‘Repair’ prompt to fix them so you can get moving again.

How to control Fortnite Tanks

Fortnite Tanks

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Anvil Rocket Launcher

Fortnite Anvil Rocket Launcher

(Image credit: Epic Games)

A tank’s biggest enemy is the Fortnite Anvil Rocket Launcher

Once you’re in the driving seat of a Fortnite Tank, you can push up and down on the left stick to drive forwards or backwards, hold left trigger to aim the main cannon with thermal vision, and hit the right trigger to fire the cannon. Note that the cannon barrel can only aim downwards to a certain angle, so pay attention to where the aiming reticule is as your shots may not be landing where you intend. You can switch seats to the mounted turret on top, or the other two passenger positions but those offer no weapon or protection.

On the vehicle icon in the bottom right corner you can see your tank treads are damaged if they’re marked in red, at which point you’ll barely be able to move at a crawl. As we mentioned earlier, you can fix these be following the ‘Repair’ prompt while next to them, with no Repair Torch required to get you rolling.

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