Forza Motorsport revealed as the “most technically-advanced racing game ever”

Forza Motorsport has been unveiled with a Spring 2023 launch window.

Earlier today at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, Forza Motorsport was unveiled for the very first time. You can check out the introductory video for the brand new racing game from Turn 10 just below, in which the new game is talked up as being the “most technically-advanced racing game ever made.”

Additionally, it was revealed the new Forza Motorsport will incorporate ray tracing capabilities while running. Not only this, but the ray tracing will actually happen in real time as the player races around tracks, and this will also be reflected in the literal reflections of the cars and tracks, as cars can basically reflect off one another while racing.

Elsewhere, there’s over 48 times the fidelity of physics in Forza Motorsport than ever before in the extensive series. You can also change the weather whenever you’re racing around tracks and circuits in Forza Motorsport, meaning you can just switch up the weather whenever you literally please to suit your wants.

Car damage will be reproduced down to the individual scratches on the bodywork of a vehicle in real time. It really feels like Turn 10 has put a lot of effort into overhauling how car and collision damage works in the new Forza Motorsport, and it already looks like it’s paying off big time for the developer.

Check out our full Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase June 2022 Live Coverage for a deeper look into everything announced earlier today from the full showcase.

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