Fueled Up is like Overcooked in space and it looks just as chaotic

Fueled Up is an upcoming chaotic co-op game that looks like Overcooked if it was set on a spaceship. 

Announced today, developer Fireline Games released a trailer showing future players the kind of antics they’ll be getting up to when the game does officially release on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 later this year. 

According to an official press release, Fueled Up is a “chaotic couch co-op game” for up to four players. It is also available to play via online co-op, so no matter where your friends are in the world, you can still all cause mayhem aboard the same vessel. In the game, players will need to fuel, fix, and recover damaged spaceships before the evil Space Octopus gets its tentacles on them. 

Fuel, fix and rescue damaged spaceships in Fueled Up – a chaotic couch co-op game for up to four players!Wishlist now on Steam: https://t.co/5ZptaS5LZ5Coming to #Steam, #PlayStation and #XboxOne in 2022!#indiedev #indiegame pic.twitter.com/t28knIfYxFApril 13, 2022

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Similar to Overcooked, it looks like players will have the choice of several eccentric characters – including a half-peeled banana and a brain in a bowl – to play as. They will also get to experience a variety of different stages all of which appear to have their own unique obstacles and challenges to overcome such as moving platforms, wormholes, meteor showers, and even an active volcano. 

If you’re interested in Fueled Up but don’t have any friends willing to endure the disarray with you, there’s good news for you. Fueled Up can also be played single-player and with two players using only one controller. The game doesn’t end when you’ve fixed the spaceship and returned home either, as each level also offers extra objectives for players to strive to achieve. 

Fueled Up doesn’t have a firm release date yet, it’s still currently classed as “coming in 2022” but you can show your interest in the game ahead of time by wishlisting it on Steam (opens in new tab) and following the official Fueled Up Twitter account (opens in new tab)

Looking for something to play in the meantime? Take a look at our list of the best co-op games for inspiration. 

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