Genshin Impact teases hidden character Kamisato Ayato in new trailer

The latest Genshin Impact trailer casually revealed the voice of the still-hidden but heavily teased character Kamisato Ayato, which means much of the game’s fandom is now feverishly gushing over a character they haven’t seen or met. 

The trailer itself is a fun theatrical snippet featuring Arataki Itto, a geo-wielding oni who will make his in-game debut next week, but MiHoYo slipped in a separate teaser right at the end. “Yes, most entertaining,” a mysterious voice says just over a minute in. “Pity that the Tenryou Commission has arrived.” 

This voice can realistically only belong to Ayato. For one, he’s referred to as a lord by some sort of retainer or assistant, and it’s also clear from the second line that this speaker has a tenuous relationship with the Tenryou Commission. The quests involving Kamisato Ayaka, Ayato’s sister (who was released at the start of Inazuma), make it clear that the Kamisato clan’s Yashiro Commission doesn’t get along with the Tenryou group, and between that and the title of lord, it’s pretty clear this is Ayato we’re hearing. Ayato is the current head of the Kamisato clan, after all. 

While many characters have mentioned him, Ayato has never actually appeared in-game, so this brief line counts as both a voice reveal and the first official trace of the Kamisato leader. There’s no telling when Ayato will actually make his way into the game, either as a playable character or a new Inazuma ally, but given the tongue-wagging response to this one line of dialogue, we can safely assume he’ll make waves when he does eventually arrive. We can put him right alongside Yae Miko on the list of most-anticipated Inazuma characters. 

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