Genshin Impact Mint Jelly gets brought to life by extremely fluffy dog in ASMR video

Genshin Impact Mint Jelly has been recreated in the most adorable way by dog YouTuber MayaPolarBear. 

As part of Maya’s ASMR series on YouTube (opens in new tab), the fluffy Samoyed pup made her own version of the Genshin Impact item Mint Jelly. In the video – which you can watch for yourself below – Maya takes a short break from playing Genshin Impact to make the delicious dessert with her own two paws using some form of gelatin, mint, honey, and food coloring. 

We then get to see Maya try the jelly for herself. The dome-shaped dessert gets plopped onto a plate and decorated with a mint leaf before Maya is quite literally spoon-fed her creation, which is apparently “very refreshing.” Taking things to the next level, Maya’s owner then decorates another Mint Jelly in a yogurt dressing, which of course Maya also loves. 

In the world of Genshin Impact, Mint Jelly has a few more benefits than just being a refreshing dessert. In the game, Mint Jelly can be cooked by players with the use of a recipe. Depending on the quality of the jelly, when it’s consumed it can provide players with HP restoration as well as giving them additional HP.  

This isn’t the first time Genshin Impact has had some kind of adorable animal crossover. In fact, one fan of the game recently discovered that there are Genshin Impact cat costumes up for grabs on AliExpress. The two costumes are based on Genshin characters Venti and Klee and both include some kind of upper body garment and a fancy hat. We recommend getting one of these for your four-legged friend in time for Halloween for no other reason than it’ll be so freaking cute. 

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