Genshin Impact progression calculator helps you build your characters

An official Genshin Impact progression calculator is now available, letting you double-check and plan out the resources needed to level your characters and weapons.

Developer MiHoYo announced its enhancement progression calculator through a brief in-game notice earlier this week. You can access it through the studio’s Hoyolab website (opens in new tab) or mobile app once you log in with your account, and it’s pretty easy to use from there. 

The character calculator is the main draw. All five-star and four-star characters require the same amount of resources like mora and XP cards for their levels and talents, but they all use different materials and talent books, so if nothing else, this is a handy way to keep track of what you need for everyone. To level the newly released Arataki Itto, for example, you’ll need a bunch of slime gel, Elegance books, and Golden Wolflord boss drops. If you’ve already taken a character to level 70 and hope to get them to 90, you can check level-by-level, too. 

There’s also a weapon tab in the official Genshin Impact progression calculator, and it serves a similar purpose. Once you learn the mora and enhancement ore costs for leveling five-star and four-star weapons, you can apply the same numbers to every weapon and just keep track of their unique materials. Bizarrely, there’s even an artifact progression calculator, but it’s kind of useless since artifact experience is random (due to lucky 2x or 5x XP rolls) and split into so many different currencies. 

Ignoring the pain of seeing a bill for seven million mora laid out in painstaking detail, because that’s about what it costs to totally max one character, this progression calculator is good for budgeting your resources in-game. Players have been making their own little leveling guides for over a year now, so it’s nice to see an official one. 

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