A new Netflix documentary is being called “one of the most horrific things” viewers have ever watched

The Girl in the Picture, Netflix’s new true crime documentary, is being described as “horrific and sickening” by shocked viewers. 

The one-off documentary, which is now topping Netflix’s charts, follows the story of a woman who is found dying at the side of the road in 1990. As per Netflix, “A young mother’s mysterious death and her son’s subsequent kidnapping blow open a decades-long mystery about the woman’s true identity and the murderous federal fugitive at the center of it all.”

Those who have seen it have been met with gut punch after gut punch as the tragic tale, involving serious abuse and abduction, begins to unravel across 100 heartbreaking minutes.

The Girl in the Picture “is absolutely one of the most horrific, sickening, frightening things I’ve watched. I’m at a loss for words,” one viewer wrote (opens in new tab). “I don’t think I’ve seen a true crime story with THAT many plot twists,” said another (opens in new tab).

“Seriously one of the most horrifying documentaries I’ve seen in a while,” one commented (opens in new tab). “Like what in the actual F. What a crazy rabbit hole to go down.” A viewer also said (opens in new tab), “every time I thought it couldn’t get any worse…it did.”

The documentary, which has grown in popularity in the weeks since its release, has left those arriving to it late feeling emotional: “That documentary is probably one of the saddest stories I’ve ever heard of,” wrote one viewer (opens in new tab). Another echoed others, saying (opens in new tab), The Girl in the Picture “is one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen. What a devastating life. My heart goes out to everyone who was impacted.”

The Girl in the Picture is now streaming on Netflix. For more from the streamer, be sure to check out some of the best documentaries on Netflix.

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