God of War Ragnarok map depicts all nine realms for the first time

God of War’s realms have been shown together on a map for the first time thanks to a Ragnarok special edition.

As picked up on earlier today by the God of War subreddit post just below, there’s a special cloth map of all nine realms included in the God of War Ragnarok Jotnar edition of God of War Ragnarok (which was unveiled yesterday alongside the release date announcement). This is actually the first time we’ve seen all nine realms of Sony Santa Monica’s game series (and, y’know, Norse mythology) side by side.

In fact, some interesting details can actually be glimpsed in the new cloth map. For example, there seems to be a mysterious figure standing in the depiction of Muspelheim on the cloth map, which some God of War fans are assuming is Surtur, fire demon and the Lord of Muspelheim.

Additionally, we can see what appears to be Asgard which, if we know anything about Ragnarok so far, is where the imposing Thor calls home. You can actually see what looks like the Bifrost at work in this depiction of Asgard, piercing the sky like a massive beam.

There also seem to be Nidhogg quietly featured on the cloth map. In the small compass, which is entangled in the roots of the World Tree, you can see a serpent snaking its way around, which could well be Nidhogg, a being which could put the World Serpent from the previous game to shame.

There’s a lot of enticing clues on this map, and it won’t be too long until we get to dig into them for ourselves. God of War Ragnarok launches later this year on November 9, finally bringing about the conclusion of Kratos and Atreus’s journey together against the Norse Gods. 

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