God of War Ragnarok says “something cool is coming,” but “its just not ready to be shown”

God of War director Cory Barlog says that “something cool is coming” when it comes to God of War Ragnarok.

In a video posted to Twitter, Barlog explained that sony Santa Monica was “incredibly thankful to the fans and the community for all the love and support we’ve received throughout all this time, because without that support we would not be able to continue making games. It is your support that allows us to keep doing the things that we love to do.”

4 years ago, God of War (2018) released! We’re grateful to all of you who joined Kratos and Atreus on their journey, and we’re so proud of the team who worked to bring it to life. While we’re not ready to share an update about what comes next, here’s a quick message from Cory! pic.twitter.com/Z5PHpKQppYApril 20, 2022

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That segued immediately into a discussion about the studio’s upcoming sequel to its 2018 reboot. Barlog described God of War Ragnarok as “the elephant in the room,” and said that “we haven’t said a lot about this. That’s because everybody is heads-down, hard at work. We are perfectionists. Everyone’s tightening up the graphics on level three, there is so much going on right now that I just wish that we could share with you, but it’s just not ready to be shown.”

Hopefully, however, we won’t be waiting too long for more info. Barlog said that “the moment, the very second that we have something that we’re ready to share, we’re going to share it, because we don’t want to hold any of this back. so please hold tight, know that something cool is coming, and that we – everybody here at Santa Monica – is so incredibly thankful for all the support you’ve given us.”

We’ve heard little about Ragnarok since its full reveal last year, which unfortunately came in the wake of a delay last summer that pushed it to 2022. Sparse news since then has had some fans worried, but in January Sony reiterated that God of War Ragnarok remains on track for a release this year

With that in mind, it seems pretty likely that Sony and the Santa Monica studio are gearing up for a reveal in the coming months. E3 2022 might have been cancelled, but PlayStation has already been absent from the traditional conference schedule for a couple of years, so we could see Kratos and Atreus rear their heads in a State of Play some time in May or June.

Though God of War has been delayed, there are still a ton of upcoming PS5 games coming this year and beyond to be excited about. Plus you can fill the gap with these games like God of War.

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