Goldeneye 007 Xbox achievements have appeared online

Achievements for an Xbox version of Goldeneye 007 have popped up “out of nowhere”.

TrueAchievements (opens in new tab) – which provides details of every Xbox title’s achievements as well as handy info on how to unlock them – revealed over the New Year holiday that it had “just picked up an achievement list” for the fan-favorite shooter, even though it’s yet to be confirmed as coming to either Xbox Series X or Xbox One.

With no further details it’s unclear if Goldeneye 007 will be a remake, a remaster, or a re-release, and as yet, TA hasn’t had sight of the Microsoft Store page. Interestingly, though, this latest list reportedly differs from the leaked, canceled XBLA Goldeneye 007 remake that circulated last year. 

As only one is secret we won’t share them here for fear of spoilers (yes, even 25 years later!) but if you’re keen to know more, head on over to TA.

2022 will mark 25 years since the seminal shooter hit the Nintendo 64, so the timing’s certainly interesting, not least because Goldeneye 007 was recently removed from Germany’s “media harmful to young persons” list (opens in new tab), a full 24 years after it was initially banned. While it’s true that banned films and games are automatically unbanned after 25 years, this time around, it seems the ban was revoked following a specific request rather than a quarter-century formality. 

At the time, it had fans speculating that the game may shortly be adding to the Nintendo eShop in some form or another, chiefly because for any game to be sold on Nintendo’s European eShop, it has to be released in Germany as that’s where the European Nintendo’s eShop – and the subscription service Nintendo Switch Online – is based. And now this latest news of the achievement list is adding more fuel to the speculative fire, of course…

ICYMI, two-hour footage of that aforementioned canceled remaster of 007’s GoldenEye (opens in new tab) leaked online earlier this year. A “long-play” of the canceled classic took us from the start of the Dam through to the end credits. It’s thought the remaster was going to be published by Microsoft in partnership with Activision after they reached a deal with Nintendo to remaster the shooter from the original N64 version released in 1997. Sadly, the project was scrapped due to rights issues, even though it had essentially been completed and was ready to go on sale.

If you can’t wait that long to reacquaint yourself with Bond, did you know that almost every single-player stage from GoldenEye is now playable in Far Cry 5 (opens in new tab)

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